Composer/Flutist Linda Jaye Chase invites you to join her on a transformational journey where music, poetry, and the world of nature mingle with the deepest range of human emotions. Part chamber music and part improvisation, her music celebrates a world where the soul is free to wander and musical boundaries no longer exist. It is music that sings out with a spirit that is simultaneously joyous and contemplative.

Ms. Chase is a composer, performer and professor at Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory in Boston. Her courses include:
Music of the Whole Earth, Music, Spirit and Transformation, Interdisciplinary Collaborations in the Arts, Conceptual & Inter-arts Improvisation & Composition, and Music & Nature. Her collection of chamber pieces, “Reflections on Rumi," was written with partial support of a Berklee College of Music Faculty Fellowship, and “Tanabata Star Festival," was the winning piece in the 2007 Kaji Aso composer’s competition. “Starlight Dreaming" and “First Darkness then comes the Moon" received a Berklee Recording Grant and Artist’s Residency at the Morris Graves Institute in California. She wrote an original score for “Tartouf", performed live at the American Reperatory Theatre in Cambridge and her choral music has had numerous performances at the Old Cambridge Baptist Church.

Ms. Chase is available for concerts, residencies, workshops and lectures.

“The making and teaching of music for me is informed by the world of the arts, nature and spirituality. My musical inspiration draws from poetry and the natural world playing an essential part in my life as an artist."