Music Innovation and the Arts
is the place for people seeking imaginative yet non-mainstream directions, encouraging them to discover their own unique voices. Participants will have the opportunity to be challenged to think about meaning, translate visual images into music and art, learn to deeply listen to others and still pay attention their inner vision while collaborating and making connections in expressing their lives through music.

A variety of workshops range from one-time lectures to weekend retreats and
residencies of varying lengths.

Music can communicate that which is beyond language as a transformational way to seek the divine and nurture the soul. Seeking a spiritual connection through music is virtually universal, however often in 21st century Western culture, the emphasis on music as entertainment has prevented us from recognizing the sources, influence and power music can generate. This series of lectures, discussions, workshops or retreats, will draw on contemporary and traditional sacred musical sources from America, Eastern and Western Europe, India, Africa, Japan and the Middle East to discover the forms that music takes within different cultures and religions and make connections between music, transformation and spirituality. Participants will gain an understanding of the significance of culture and begin to see how music transforms the ordinary, creating a bridge to people and places around the world.

In the twenty-first century, the field of music has become increasingly interdisciplinary. These interdisciplinary arts workshops make connections between music, visual arts, dance, poetry, and nature emphasizing the ways they interact and complement one another. We explore the relationship between music performance and composition, notated and improvised music, and western and non-western popular and folk traditions. By examining the commonalities in and distinctions between various art forms, participants will apply their imaginations, creating pieces that share a common language and vision.

This summer institute/retreat will focus on aspects our environment and its relationship to the creative process and how in the context of nature, concepts of beauty and peace can become musically integrated. We will study pieces by composers directly inspired by places in nature and explore the natural environment as a stimulus for creating art.

Innovative Improvisation Ensemble
Improvisational Theories, Practice and Philosophy