This collection of music explores a wide range of styles, including introspective chamber music, jazz, improvisational, tango, instrumental and vocal.

Poetic Reflections - suite for flute, violin, cello, bass clarinet, oboe/english horn, percussion, piano, and bass with spoken Rumi poetry
Tanabata Star Festival - piano, violin, cello, bass clarinet, flute & poetry
Winter is a Time of Limitation - flute, cello, piano, bass, percussion, poetry
Tall Deer - flute, violin, cello, piano and Yiddish poetry
Metaphor - string orchestra, vocals, electric bass, soprano sax, piano, flute, drum set and tabla
First Comes Darkness, then the Moon - cello, piano, flute, percussion, bass
Short Stories - flute, violin, bass clarinet,
Frozen Stillness - cello, viola, flute, spoken poetry
Sea of Cortez - vocals in Spanish & English, flute, piano, bass, drums
So Much to Say - vocals, piano, cello
Night Sky - jazz/pop vocal ballad
Last Night - What is Life? - 2 voices, flute, piano
Reflections - string quartet
Hidden Quail - chamber orchestra
Changing Faces - chamber jazz with guitar, violin, clarinets, flute, bass
Funky and Delicious - tango for flute, piano, bass and drums
Reflections on Rumi - organ, flute, cello, oboe, piano
Changing Faces - guitar, violin, clarinet, flute, bass clarinet, bass
Passion Sunday - contralto, alto sax
Mary and Gabriel - contralto, tenor, flute, piano
Things Which are Not Seen are Eternal - contralto, violin, flute, piano
Why do you Weep? - soprano, trumpet, flute, organ
Follow this Star - S.A.T.B
Arlington Blues - For Elementary or Middle school string orchestra